Sunday, August 18, 2019

Not Even Not Zen 174: Kitten, Kitten (Tyger, Tyger)

St. Lucia
Kitten, Kitten

Kitten, kitten, making fight
With a chain from the dresser light,
Oh what mortal, furred land-rover
Sends the lightstand toppling over?

Why must she hunt and eat our flowers?
Why can't we sleep for two whole hours?
My silken robe is now in patches.
My hands and legs are full of scratches.

Purr loud the engine of her love
As pussycat shreds apart my glove.
Pounce the tail to dog's resentment;
Our kitten rumbles with contentment.

She smacks the finger of correction
And nestles in to show affection.
She licks our ears and lobes thereof
And nibbles noses to show love.

Our careless ways we must adjust.
She hunts our fluffs of hair and dust.
All day long she wrestles mittens.
That's what we get for having kittens.

As we settle for the night
She cuddles in for one more fight
She sprints the bed, attacks my toes,
Kneads my neck and bites my nose.

Then sneezes do her farts outnumber,
As she nuzzles, in her slumber.

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