Sunday, December 11, 2022

Not Even Not Traveling: Barcelona, 2022

Barcelona, 2022

Barcelona 1, On Bikes  - You may get closer to pedestrians and other vehicles than you like. Still recommended.

Barcelona 2, On Segways, On Food, and On Our Own  - Segways are fantastic. So is Disfrutar. 

Barcelona 3, On Gaudi and Can Sole  - Fun problems. The walking tour needs adjustment. The eating at Can Sole is great but unlike other places you'll need your Spanish ready.

Barcelona 4, On a Mountain  - You should take the hike. You should resist the cheese.

Barcelona X, On Supermercats in Barcelona  - Okay, not a brilliant observation.

Barcelona 5, On Archaeology, On Travel  - An unexpected find, wonderful if you like getting down into history at a personal level.

Barcelona Z, On Systems Analysis and People  - Systems can be complicated and wonderful. People are better. 

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