Thursday, May 1, 2014

Not Even Not Zen 2: About

Some of these entries come from an archive originally written for my own exploration, for my friends, and for my children.  The archive represented thirty years of my life and uneven writing.  Months ago, during the writing and posting of these stories I ran out of my backlog of short material.

All of the last few dozen are new.  Many others are, too, because the archive of material didn't come to an abrupt end.  Stories inspire other stories.  I've been writing fresh parables to clarify my thoughts.  I've responded to the requests of others.

I have a backlog of lesser stories.  I'm not going to share them.  You may think some of the published ones are bad but the other old ones are worse.

For now, I'm going to keep pace with a parable per week.  When I set out on this project, I didn't think I could do that as full-time worker and parent.  But writing a short story every week is a decent habit that I've  made.  It's been two years.  For meditating, writing, and thinking about things, they've been nice years.

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