Sunday, August 9, 2020

Not Even Not Zen 211: Universal Nature

Augmented TA by NASA, Wikimedia Commons
Universal Nature

Usually, when I post stories to NotZen, I don't know in advance what the reactions will be. This time, I have an idea. I have had a full handful of reviewers already. Normally, I'll have one or two, no more.

The prior reviewers don't like it.

When initial reader reactions are negative, that means I won't post the story. This time is an exception. No one else likes it so far but, as I read and re-read Universal Nature, it speaks well to my heart. The characters are quirky but they make me love them. The story tells me something important that I need to hear and want to say. 

With the caveats above, prepare to read a multi-scene vignette while wading through a fair amount of scientific speculation, pointed story-telling, and a worldview. The action proceeds without a war, without a journey to enlightenment, and without a sex scene (well, much of one, anyway). Prepare for the worldview to be influenced by buddhism, stoicism, daoism, awareness of human history, and the current trends of humanity. Most of all, based on prior reader reactions, prepare to be disappointed.

Universal Nature, Scene One
Universal Nature, Scene Two
Universal Nature, Scene Three
Universal Nature, Scene Four

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