Sunday, August 16, 2020

Not Even Not Zen 212: Love and Karma

Lovers of Cluj-Napoca, Wikimedia

Love and Karma

She turned over on the twin bed
and said, "It's bad karma how we met. All the 
feelings of anger from our old lovers. 
Aren't you afraid?"

"It's good magic how we met."
He didn't even look up from his book.
"It was long ago, you unknowing,
in the hall between classrooms,
your smile innocent,
bright with joys of life."

She said, "We weren’t together then.
You know what I mean.
We kissed and everyone was angry.
The world fell apart."

"I know something stronger than magic."
He took off his glasses.
"I know there’s a strength in doing right,
in caring, in loving each other. 
I know we tried to keep everyone from harm.
We had the right intent
and it protects us, just a little, 
from what you feel is bad karma."

She caught him glancing again at
the pages in his book.
He felt her eyes
and his attention drifted back to her.

"We've lit fires in the rain,
kept each other warm in the stream,
kissed each other awake,
sung songs in the darkness,
and loved each other out of sickness.”

“Yes, all that.”

“Our love protects us.
It already has. It will continue.
There are a lot of powers in the world
that some people call magic.”
He gave up reading, closed his book and rose.
"But all I’ll ever worry about," he said, 
"is the magic between us."

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