Sunday, July 31, 2022

Not Even Not Traveling 10: Washington and Vancouver 2, Olympic Park

Olympic National Park

Around noon, we went on a shopping trip in Sequim. We had to get those one or two things, always different, that get forgotten at the beginning of any trip. We treated ourselves to lunch afterwards. During our meal, we got out our maps again to plan our hiking trip through Olympic national park.

After a rest and more planning to compensate for the news about trail closures, we (well, Diane) selected a likely trail head. It was her second or third choice, though, and staying on the trail meant looping west and uphill. Basically, we marched up a slope for an hour. Then we marched back down.

We puzzled over a lot of the plants and that was fun. The forests in the state of Washington might not be any greener than Maryland but they're differently varied and dark. There's more moss on some northwest boulders than on entire cliff faces back east. There's a wide variety of lichen growing, too, and enough branches fall to the ground with a particular type of moss on them that I started to develop a theory about it.

But I didn't explain the theory, not even to Diane yet. Instead, we surveyed the local restaurants we hadn't visited and decided on Dupuis. From the outside, it looked like a pair of shipping containers made, awkwardly, by college students using adobe. And then abandoned. Someone had put up a sign in three colors that looked more fitting for a paint store. But inside, Dupuis was nice. The food was expensive but decent in the way that high-priced food often is because it consists of good components.

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