Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Not Even Not Traveling 26: Cathedral Wash

If it looks like I'm hiding from the sun, it's because
I was hiding from the sun.
Cathedral Wash

We paused in our car travels on the way to Page, Arizona in order to take a hike. 

Diane had a good map of nearby trails. We chose the Cathedral Wash trail more or less based on length. We arrived in the hottest part of the day. So we knew we had to pack water and limit our efforts.

Cathedral Wash is a dry river bed. It's full of rocks and almost no plant life. We had noticed in our drive that a surprising number of creek beds were dry and looked as if they had been so for years. The views within the river bed were decent, though, and full of odd details. Wandering between the walls of the former river was fun. I felt I was getting accustomed to the semi-barren landscape.

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