Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Not Even Not Traveling 28: LP Espresso

LP Espresso

If you’re in Page, Arizona, this is the place for coffee and more. Of course, Page not a big town. LP Espresso seemed by far the best quality cafe to us. You can walk or drive to LP (Lake Powell) Espresso for nice food generally and for pretty great drinks. Diane and I chose different items. Everything we tried came out tasty. We decided to go back the next morning, too.

The town had supplies that we needed, all in walkable distances, so we did a sidewalk hike to the local thrift store, the Pow Wow Navajo Trading Post, and finally to the local grocery.

As it turned out, we would later stay in towns with none of those things. In fact, some towns had no gas stations or any way to get food without driving thirty miles. At the time, I sort of took Page for granted and was even mildly scandalized by the layout, which had schools in the center surrounded on all sides by churches. Outside that is a federal (I know) golf course surrounding by wealthy houses, mostly. It's all pretty traditional town design, really, and the fact so much was accessible by walking is great. 

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