Sunday, July 2, 2023

Not Even Not Zen 312: This is the House

This is the house we built

This is the home we made.
This is the garden we dug.

Here are the herbs
and the shrubs we planted.
Along the border are the saplings,
well, trees now, 
and they shade the east of the house. 
Remember these flowers I did not cut
to give to you?
They are back again,
next to the gravel we smoothed.

We're walking on the dirt you shoveled
and the path we leveled.
Here, I planted grass.

We put milkweed in the garden for caterpillars 
and these bushes for butterflies
but we got hummingbirds.
We built another compost bin
because we're working on the topsoil.

This shed got a new roof.
The other one got a ramp. 
In it, we hung more shelves. 

I didn't give you these things.
We made them together.

Oh, and the children.

  -- Eric Gallagher

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