Thursday, July 13, 2023

Not Even Not Traveling 29: Beehive Trail

Glen Canyon National Monument

The Beehives

For extra outdoor fun, Diane suggested a hike on the Beehive Trail of the Glen Canyon park. The trail entrance sat at the edge of the Beehive Campgrounds in Colorado. This was midday for us at about 98 F or so. The heat and sun were bearable since the air carried almost zero humidity. We climbed up on the beehive rocks a bit. (The beehives in this case are just sandstone formations. They look like, well, you know.) 

We fancied we were off the trail for a long while. Up high on the rocks, however, we discovered a path laid out in rows of stones. It was set for mountain bikers around the beehives. We met one as we hiked and exchanged brief smiles and mutual congratulations for getting up this high. Later, we saw him concentrating hard to stay upright and on the top of the ridge as the path cambered downward to one side and threatened to throw him off. That's how mountain bikers like it, I guess.

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