Sunday, October 3, 2021

Not Even Not Zen 221: Wake for Robert Gallagher

Wake for Robert Gallagher

Part I, Introduction

Humor Crusader
In Recognition

Part II, Childhood and Adolescence

Elmira and Baltimore
126th Signal Service
Simple Codes
The Arrival of Black Jack
The End of Black Jack

Part III, The Student

Getting Into College 
Visit to Europe
Crazy Roommates
After College
Jobs and More Jobs

Part IV, The Teacher

Buying In
To Moscow, With Love
Inside the USSR 
The Soviet Way
Tea, Shchi, Trapeze Artists, and Hula Hoops
Second-Half Teaching

Part V, Parenting Examples

A Young Father 
Remembrance for His Uncle
A Growing Father
Parenting in the Neighborhood
Parenting through College
The College Drive

Part VI, Grandparenting

Advanced Degrees of Support
Catching Ill
Full Time Grandfather: Odin
Full Time Grandfather: Dva
Full Time Grandfather: Tri - Radio
Full Time Grandfather: Tri - Morse Code

Part VII, Greater Families

Part VIII, Forever Goodbye

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